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'Questions to EURCAW (Q2E)’ is a service provided by the EU Reference Centres for Animal Welfare. EURCAW-Poultry-SFA offers it via its website. The service is open to Competent Authorities, National Reference Centre, Supporting Bodies and their representatives of EU Member States and to the EU-Commission. For EU Member States, only appointed people can submit a Q2E. If you are not appointed, please contact your Member State National Contact Point. Within its resource limits, the Centre will provide a scientifically supported answer. However, neither the Reference Centre nor the experts involved can be held responsible for its use.

The requestor shall send his question via the “Query webform” (see below, please) providing information and any documents necessary to specify and support the context of the query. You can download here the webform content. Take your time to prepare your Q2E submission to ensure better clarity for the readers. This will help us facilitate the processing of your request.


EURCAW-Poultry-SFA was designated by the European Union on 4 October 2019 through Regulation (EU) 2019/1685, in accordance with Articles 95 and 96 of Regulation (EU) 2017/625.