The centre has been created in the context of the regulation 2017/625 about official controls (art. 95) to support the European Commission and member states in the applications of legislation regarding poultry and other small farm animals’ welfare.

The Centre offers scientific and technical assistance to Competent Authorities (CA), National Reference Centre (NRC), other Supporting Bodies (SB), from the EU Member States and the European Commission, regarding all aspects of welfare legislation implementation. The Centre is covering hatchery, farming, transportation and killing outside of risk assessment and risk management areas.

Slaughter and killing


Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2020-001 How captive bolt is used in Europe for the on-farm killing of small animals and how they addressed the issue of noise for other animals and security for the users?

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2020-003 Head-only stunning and decapitation. 

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2020-004 Traumatism assessment protocol for broilers.

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2021-006 Overview of the different on-farm killing methods for turkeys and ducks, due to disease control situations (avian influenza).

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2023-005 Stun to stick time for a waterbath with frequency > 50Hz.

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2023-010 Indicators of consciousness after electrical stunning in rabbits.



Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2020-002 Mink cage dimension.

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2021-001Outdoor access for laying hens and pullets. 

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2021-004 Space at feeder and usable area needed for pullets. 

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2022-003  Caudal keel bone fractures in laying hens.

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2022-004  Duck moulting

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2022-007 Environmental controls in mobile houses for laying hens.

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2022-008  Litter access for dustbathing for pullets.

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2023-001 Stocking density for the keeping of growing rabbits grouped in elevated pens. 

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2023-002 Recommended parameters for part-time group housing of does (rabbits). 

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2023-003 Use of photovoltaic panels/solar panels as shelters for poultry in open spaces. 

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2023-004 Furniture/equipment' spacing/measurements in a multi-tier adult laying hen system.

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2023-006 Stocking densities in red partridge

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2023-009 Ad libitum access to water for broiler breeders. 

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2023-011 Pullets rearing in the first weeks in aviary. 

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2024-001 How to assess the effectiveness of broiler chicken house ventilation system?

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2024-003 Pullet lighting improvement

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2024-004 Broiler lighting improvement




Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2022-001 Minimum eight of the cages for transport of turkeys.

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2022-006 Space allowances during air transport of 1-day-old chicks, ducklings, geese, pheasants, and turkeys

Q2E-Poultry-SFA-2023-007 Catching of turkeys in a loose house

This area is updated regularly. 

Last updated on 11.07.2024.