Existing training activities and materials

This section is about reviewing existing training activities and materials of official control services regarding the legal requirement unders scrutiny of the Centre.


​ This sub-activity identifies, collect and review the existing training courses and materials in use at EU level (e.g. BTSF), MSs (e.g. national and regional training courses) or other levels (e.g. from universities, institutes).

Set standards for training activities

This section is about developing contents for the training of official control services regarding the legal requirements under scrutiny of the Centre.


The Centre prepares Webinars with audio-visual materials. A standard webinar has a duration of 90 minutes with 45 minutes of lecture and 45 minutes of discussion. The duration of the webinar might vary depending on the topic. The target audience is official inspectors from the Competent Authorities of the EU MSs. However, all CA’s staff are welcome if they feel it’s relevant for they work. The trainings will be recorded and uploaded on the Centre’s website for the official inspectors and CAs who could not attend the direct presentation and also for the general public interested in the topic. 

This area is updated regularly. 

Last updated on 11.07.2024.