Webinar “Poultry welfare and management” of WPSA (World Poultry Science Association)

November 30th 2021, online meeting.

In the context of the postponement of the World Poultry Conference in 2022 this webinar was the opportunity to present some works related to poultry welfare which were initially foreseen to be presented in 2020. Six oral presentations were given on topics such as adaptability of poultry genotypes to organic rearing, disturbance in broiler chicken, comparison between slow-growing broiler genotypes, blunting of the beak as an alternative to beak trimming in layers, exploration, and neophobia in domestic fowl or the impact of low protein diet on the development of footpad dermatitis in broiler chicken.

The coordinator of EURCAW-Poultry-SFA, Virginie Michel, was co-chair of this session.